Measure of a Life

“The measure of a life, after all, is not it’s duration, but it’s donation.” by Corrie Ten Boom

What is your donation to this world? I know that with Corrie Ten Boom, her story has been heard many times throughout the world and it’s quite exceptional and inspirational. As a christian woman, she was confronted with many difficult choices and she passed the tests with flying colors. She made the choice to help and hide the Jews during the Holocaust, in her home and family business. She knew that by doing this, she was putting herself and her family in immediate danger, but her courage and faith in God moved her to action. If you’ve never read her book or seen the movie, I highly suggest it, it’s very inspiring. The name of the book is: “The Hiding Place” by Corrie Ten Boom and copyright is 1992, it’s a classic book so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding it at your local library. The movie is also “The Hiding Place” by World Wide Pictures Home Video, 1975. You can also see her home and learn more on: She did survive the holocaust and the camps and later in her life, she shared her story many, many times over, until the day she died. She is a perfect example of a person who can be measured by her life, in the way she lived it and what she gave to the world.

From in the family photos

From in the family photos

From in family photos

From in family photos


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