“Don’t ever become so busy that you fail to realize how very happy you are!” by Kathryn Hillen’s Mother

“Mother’s statement has meant much to me as I have raised our family. Whenever I have felt overly busy to the point of neglecting the little joys, the expressions of appreciation, the realization of how happy we are-whenever we play with the children seemed more of a duty than a privilege, I have thought of Mother’s words. They have been a warning beacon that has changed my attitude toward life and toward what is valuable.” by Kathryn Hillen

This was in my last Bible devotion and it really spoke to me, because I’m a very goal oriented person and I have always had a hard time playing! I always have a hard time switching modes from serious adult to playful parent and it’s really a shame that I struggle with this. Most Mom’s struggle with all the hats a Mother has to wear and I’m pretty sure that’s what my problem was. I don’t have as much of a problem now, because my boys are getting older and so am I! ha,ha:)

When we’re at the end of our life, what are the truly important things about our life? For myself, it’s the relationship that I have with Jesus Christ, the relationships with my family and friends and what I have chosen to do with my life or how I contributed to our world and the people in it!

Please share what your most important things are, we can always learn from each other! I look forward to hearing from you and finding out your most important things and anything else you want to share!

So, what are your most important things?



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