Three Day Quote Challenge-Day 1


My new blogger friend, Linda from, invited me to participate in this three-day quote challenge.

The Rules for the Challenge are:

  1. Thank the person nominating you for the challenge.
  2. Post a quote on your blog for 3 consecutive days.
  3. Invite 3 of your favorite bloggers to join the challenge.

My nominees for the challenge are:

  1. Secret Angel from The Abuse Expose’ with, because this site is inspirational and is always helping others!
  2. James with, A Christian blog ministry for the faithful, for the doubter, for the lost.
  3. Lynette Davis with, I find inspiring for her advocacy to domestic abuse awareness, as well as her help to writer’s that like to write memoirs. One of those writers, happen to be me! I love memoirs!

No obligation-just fun, inspiration and exposure to bloggers you may not have encountered before.

I’ve always loved this quote, because it’s so true!


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