My husband and I adopted twin boys with special needs from Ukraine in December 2000. They were 2 yrs. 9 months when we adopted them and they’re 17 yrs. old now! This page on the menu will be about our adoption, as well as others and also helpful adoption information.

Adoption is a wonderful thing , but it’s not for the weak and from the beginning to the end, it’s hard work! We love Jesus and when we married, we both knew that the Lord had planted the desire to adopt, in our hearts. We did try to get pregnant for about 10 years and we went through the whole, horrible infertility issues, testing, procedures, etc. We knew we were to adopt, but we weren’t sure if we were also to have biological children, so we tried. Infertility is a long, hard road of emotions, physical pain, with no promise of getting pregnant. Anyone who has been through it, understands. We decided that we would stop trying to get pregnant, if it didn’t happen, before we needed to do in vitro. We knew that in vitro was very expensive and there was no promise that it would work and I was emotionally defeated and worn out already!

This is where our adoption path began and much prayer for wisdom and details, so we would know which way to go with it. There are many options, foster care to adoption in the US, international adoption in many different countries and getting a lawyer to mediate the connection with the birth Mom and adoptive parents. We did a lot of research online and after all of this, we decided to adopt internationally from Ukraine. The Lord opened up door after door, showing us exactly which way to go and I’m so thankful for it!

The actual details of the trip to Ukraine is a whole other story, but the Lord’s hand was in that, as well! I’ll have to put that in a separate post or book!