11. Always make a list of what you need to get and where to get the best deal on it and use it!

12. Look for sales, like BuyOneGetOne50% (B1G150%) or BuyOneGetOneFree (B1G1Free) or buy this item and get this other item Free, Buy 5 or 10 of these particular items and save $5 or whatever the store states.

13. Set your savings goal, after doing all the above and do your best to reach it or even exceed it! On average, I save between 30-75% off with all of these tips above. Don’t be hard on yourself if you only save a smaller amount, remember it takes practice, you will get better at it, if you stick with it!

14. If you have a smart phone or you carry your tablet or other device, you can get apps that help you to save time and money and be organized. These are the ones I use: shoppinglist (it’s a Free App and it’s simple and easy to use, it allows you to make a list for each store or section of the store, as well as adding back an item, if you make a mistake of deleting it.) SavingStar ( a Free App that offers a FREE healthy offer of the week, as well as savings to sign up for and you get the money instead of saving at the register and you can transfer the money to Paypal, etc.) Kroger (this Free App has the weekly ad, ecoupons you can add to your ShopperSavings card and more), CVS (a Free App that has their weekly ad, a way to scan your prescriptions and ways to check your shopping savings card info. and more) Walgreens (a Free App that does the same as the CVS app) and SouthernSavers (this is a Free App and website that allows you to see the upcoming coupons in your local newspaper, a listing of special savings and deals, as well as online coupons from lots of stores (not just grocery stores) and has a large coupon database, so you can search for a particular coupon you’re looking for.)

15. Look at the deals for your local area, for the current and upcoming week, to see where the best deals are, before you decide to shop.

16. Shop at your local pharmacies, like CVS, Walgreens, Rite-Aid, etc. for grocery items like cereal, soda, snacks, toilet paper, paper towels, etc. You can usually get some of the best prices by using your shopper savings card and store coupons and manufacturer coupons. I just saved $30, for example at CVS, recently!

17. All the different stores have their own policies, coupons, special sales, etc. Learn what they are, to utilize the best savings you can get!

18. Buy produce that is in season, you always get the best prices on them during their season.

19. Plan your weekly menu, according to what’s on sale. (Example: if pork chops and chicken if the meat that’s on sale, make recipes that include these.)

20. Have a plan and list before you shop and if you can help it, don’t shop for groceries on an empty stomach!

Hopefully, these tips were helpful to you. These tips are the ones that I use to save the most money! Happy Savings!


  1. Always Use Your Grocery Store(s) Preferred Customer Card(s), these cards will not only allow you to save a few cents on each item, but also earn points and since the card saves your shopping information, you usually get “special savings coupons” from the store that can range from “FREE” or bigger cents or dollars off an item that you’ve purchased before!

  2. Know your “best prices” for items you buy all the time and don’t pay more than this, except in an emergency! Stock up when the item is at the “best price” and this should keep emergencies to a minimum!

  3. Use coupons all the time and remember that coupons are like having FREE money towards things you need and want. You wouldn’t throw away money, think about it?

  4. Organize your coupons, so they are easy to use. There are many ways to organize your coupons, I use a binder and set up different sections according to the aisles or type of coupons (ie. Pets, Produce, Meat, Breads, etc.) You may like to organize by collecting the coupon inserts and just looking through them before you shop.

  5. Only use coupons on the items that you would buy without a coupon (ie. like toilet paper, paper towels, medicine, etc.) Ask yourself, would I still buy this without the coupon? The only exception, is when you can get item(s) for pennies on the dollar or “FREE”.

  6. Combine store sale items with coupons to get the most savings! (*Most stores allow you to combine sale item(s) with coupon(s), but check with their coupon policy, to be sure)

  7. Every store has a clearance area, where they mark items down by 50%-90% off! Find where these areas are and always check these areas! I, personally have gotten items for “FREE”, due to the fact that I’ve combined a coupon with the item!

  8. Most grocery stores have “Managers Special” marked item(s) from produce to meat and more. Look for the “Managers Special” sticker(s) when you’re shopping and you can save big!

  9. Do not be brand loyal, be savings loyal! Except when there really is a need for a certain brand.

  10. Always check your local, weekly store fliers before shopping to find the best deals on what you need.