The Drop Box



This is definitely a movie you want to see! If you like to be inspired, this movie really makes the top 10 list! Anything about adoption and special needs children always gets my attention, because my husband and I adopted twin boys with multiple disabilities from Ukraine in December of 2000. These subjects are near and dear to my heart. This story is not fiction, it is very real!

Pastor Lee and his wife live in Seoul, South Korea. Women were dropping their unwanted babies at their church doorsteps and they knew that the babies didn’t have much of a chance to survive, especially outside in the winter. To keep this from happening, Pastor Lee made a box, where the women could leave their babies, anonymously. This box was heated and made with a doorbell, so whenever a baby was dropped off, it would go off and let the Pastor know a baby was there and in need of attention. Many of these babies are disabled and because of the culture and the poverty, the women feel that they have no choice, but to give them up. This man is a man after God’s own heart!

As a bonus to this movie, it includes a panel discussion, a musical performance by Steven Curtis Chapman and a behind the scenes featurette.

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