Many of those who are new to starting a home based or internet business, often do not have much money to use for marketing, education, supplies, website fees, etc. All businesses must have some capital to work with, in order to grow the business. So, here are some tips to come up with money for your new business:

  1. Sell some things that you no longer need on ebay or other online auction site.

  2. Have a yard sale. (TIP: get together with at least 1 other person, if you can.)

  3. Credit Cards, if you can handle it (not using it for spending sprees, etc.)

  4. Sometimes you can borrow against assets, like boats, cars, etc.

  5. You can usually get a business loan if you have 2 years of success or have someone who does, co-sign.

  6. Get a part-time job, this includes work from home jobs.(TIP: Don’t allow it to interfere with your business.)

  7. Work online, doing surveys, writing, reviewing sites, editing or anything that you have some skills at.

  8. If you do arts and crafts, like jewelry making, etc., you can sell these items on (TIP: Just make sure that you price your items high enough to earn a profit.)

  9. Some have done crowdfunding, which is a new way to raise funds through these different websites and each one is a little bit different, in how they work:,,,,, etc.  (TIP: Go to to compare these sites and others)

  10. Learn how to save money, through coupons, rebates, etc. (TIP: is a great site to get coupon information on and you can also google, learning to coupon, couponing, etc., as there are numerous sites with helpful tips on how to save. Then, the money saved, you will set aside and use for your business.

The best thing is to remember  to think outside the box! Hopefully, this will get your thought process started and you will think of other ways to make and save money!



Everyone wants to be liked! Learn how to have more friends, a new love and prospects for your business. I’ve been reading a book, that has been truly eye opening, “The Secret Laws of Attraction: The Effortless Way to Get the Relationship You Want” by Talane Miedaner. It doesn’t matter if you want to have better relationships or attract more prospects to your business, this book is very helpful for both. Have you ever wondered why you need to be acknowledged, taken care of, in charge, be independent, be right all the time, have things in order, be responsible or have great integrity and honesty? We all have needs and if our needs aren’t met, we have a hard time with whatever we are trying to accomplish. “The only way to get past a need is to fill it.” by Talane Miedaner The good news is, there are things we can do to get our needs met! The book mentions, if one of your biggest needs is to accomplish, achieve, get results, you could write things down that you have accomplished, so you can see that you have met this need.
If you come across needy or desperate, because you haven’t made sure that your needs are met, people will notice it and it will not have a positive outcome in your relationships and in your business either. So, if we figure out what our most important needs are and work on getting them met, you will find, not only that you’re happier, but also that your relationships get better and you will become like a magnet, in your life and business. I highly recommend this book, just remember that it’s not just a book to read, but a book to work through, as well. The more we learn about ourselves, the more sincere we can be in our lives.