When you begin your new business or you start doing online marketing, depending on the training that you’ve had, you can feel a bit overwhelmed and confused by all the different terminology. So, I’m providing a simple 20 marketing term post for newbies and those who would like to have a list of important terms with the definitions, for easy reference. Here they are:
  1. impressions = when your ad is showing or displayed.
  2. non-targeted traffic = traffic that may or may not be interested in what you’re selling.
  3. targeted traffic = traffic that is interested in what you have to offer.
  4. leads = people who respond to your banners, emails, etc. and those that fill in their email addresses or, if requested other information (ie. phone number, name, address, etc.), on your landing pages.
  5. O.P.T. = stands for Other Peoples Time, the activities that you either don’t want to do or don’t know how to do, that you can pay/outsource to someone else.
  6. tracking = this is a way of keeping up with your advertising campaigns, so you can see which are doing good and which ones you need to get rid of, so you don’t waste your advertising money.
  7. mindset = the way you think about yourself, money, etc., as well as your attitude.
  8. Opt-Ins = a lead, someone who’s clicked on your ad and enters their information (ie. email, name, phone number, etc.)
  9. CTR = stands for Click Through Rate or Clicks divided by the impressions.
  10. Clicks = every time someone clicks on your ad, banner, etc.
  11. CPM = stands for Cost Per Thousand Impressions.
  12. Bid = what you’re willing to pay for the advertising.
  13. Solo Ad = this is an ad that you pay for and you send a subject line, link to your website, etc and they send this in a broadcast out to their list.
  14. banner ads = image based ads, rather than just text.
  15. video marketing/YouTube = when you make a video of yourself talking about the products/services you offer and why it works and/or testimonials.
  16. article marketing = when you write an article regarding the niche or market you’re in, as well as your website in the signature and submit it to websites like ezines.
  17. ROI = stands for Return On Investment, it looks at the amount you spent on advertising and the outcome or amount in sales.
  18. CPC = stands for Cost Per Click or pay for every click.
  19. CPA = stands for Cost Per Action or pay per action (ie. like entering their email address)
  20. affiliate program = a program with a company, that pays affiliates a certain percentage for traffic that they produce for them.