Where do you go for help? Whom or what do you turn to? You might be in the middle of a financial crisis or maybe you’ve been hurt by someone. There are lots of time when we need help, but think of the first thing that comes to your mind, in your time of need? Many people turn to alcohol, drugs or sex to forget or escape what they’re going through. As human beings we have one of two responses, they are called “flight” or “fight”. If we choose “flight”, we are trying to escape the problem and if we “fight”, we are choosing to stay with our problem(s). The problem will not be solved, if we just run away, through things like alcohol, drugs, sex, etc.  These only last for a short time and they don’t make the situation better, but usually much worse. The great news is that God, our heavenly Father, has already provided a guide for our lives and it’s, the Bible.

God knows what we need, before we need it. It is so great to know that all we have to do for help, is to pray to God. Even though he knows what we need, before we tell him, he wants us to go to him and tell him and ask for help, because he knows that we need this relationship and that we grow spiritually through our trials and tribulations. Our faith in God grows stronger each time we need him and ask for whatever it is that we need, because he is faithful in answering our prayers!

We’ve been through many trials and tribulations in our lives and God has always been there and answered our prayers for help! In 2012, I started keeping track of my prayers and answers to my prayers in writing, so I could always remind myself  of all God has done for us and proof that he answers prayers. It’s been a wonderful faith building tool for my family and I. It helps me to remember who or what to pray for, because as some of you know, age has a way of affecting our memories, unfortunately. It’s also easy to tell someone, that you’ll pray for them, but not follow through with it. I know that when I ask someone to pray for me or my family, I really want them to pray! If we share this with our children, we’re helping them with their faith and what to do in the future, when they are in need.

We lived in Florida, actually I was born there, met and married my husband, went to Ukraine and adopted our boys and we all lived together for 15 years. One of our trials, happened in 2004, in Florida, one night during the week , we had been out shopping with our boys, who were only 6 at the time, at our Wal-Mart Supercenter. At this time, we owned a 1988 GMC Jimmy and as we were driving it on a back road to go home. I started to smell something burning and told my husband to pull over and this time, he listened to me and pulled over, as soon as he did, we began to see smoke and fire coming out from under our hood. So, we both jumped out to get the boys out of their car seats and go a distance away from our vehicle. Then, we tried to call for help with our cell phone, but we couldn’t get any reception, because we were out in the middle of nowhere. I was so frustrated and angry with God, because we had been going through trial after trial, recently. I cried out to God for help and said, “you told us that you would never give us more than we can handle and this is more than I can handle. I found out after that, God says, “he will not give us more than he can handle. At this time, 3 things happened, almost simultaneously. It started to rain, which put the fire out and a policeman was headed home from his shift and saw that we needed help, so he stopped and helped us, then the fire truck showed up. My husband had to stay with the vehicle, but we needed to get home, because it was getting late and the boys still needed a bath and they had school in the morning. If you recall, I said that we had just came from shopping at Wal-Mart and we had groceries that needed to be refrigerated. So, this great policeman helped us get the food items into his car and the boys and I were driven home. My husband had to stay for the tow truck and then he came home. This is just one instance where God was there when we needed him and he answered all of our prayers! I have many instances of answered prayer from my life and the lives of my family, as well. God is so good and faithful to us! Next time you have a trial or tribulation, if you haven’t prayed in the past, try praying and give God the opportunity to show you how much he loves you!