1. Always Use Your Grocery Store(s) Preferred Customer Card(s), these cards will not only allow you to save a few cents on each item, but also earn points and since the card saves your shopping information, you usually get “special savings coupons” from the store that can range from “FREE” or bigger cents or dollars off an item that you’ve purchased before!

  2. Know your “best prices” for items you buy all the time and don’t pay more than this, except in an emergency! Stock up when the item is at the “best price” and this should keep emergencies to a minimum!

  3. Use coupons all the time and remember that coupons are like having FREE money towards things you need and want. You wouldn’t throw away money, think about it?

  4. Organize your coupons, so they are easy to use. There are many ways to organize your coupons, I use a binder and set up different sections according to the aisles or type of coupons (ie. Pets, Produce, Meat, Breads, etc.) You may like to organize by collecting the coupon inserts and just looking through them before you shop.

  5. Only use coupons on the items that you would buy without a coupon (ie. like toilet paper, paper towels, medicine, etc.) Ask yourself, would I still buy this without the coupon? The only exception, is when you can get item(s) for pennies on the dollar or “FREE”.

  6. Combine store sale items with coupons to get the most savings! (*Most stores allow you to combine sale item(s) with coupon(s), but check with their coupon policy, to be sure)

  7. Every store has a clearance area, where they mark items down by 50%-90% off! Find where these areas are and always check these areas! I, personally have gotten items for “FREE”, due to the fact that I’ve combined a coupon with the item!

  8. Most grocery stores have “Managers Special” marked item(s) from produce to meat and more. Look for the “Managers Special” sticker(s) when you’re shopping and you can save big!

  9. Do not be brand loyal, be savings loyal! Except when there really is a need for a certain brand.

  10. Always check your local, weekly store fliers before shopping to find the best deals on what you need.                               




Here are 10 tips that I’ve used that have helped me with writer’s block:

1. Change your environment. For example, if you’re inside, go outside, Go somewhere you’ve never been, etc.

2. Read more of everything. For example, books, ebooks, articles, quotes, even other posts can help to inspire you.

3. Brainstorm-go to a quiet place and that means no tv, internet, movies, facebook, etc.

The key is to focus and start writing things that pop into your head, without thinking much about it.

4. Get physical, in other words exercise or at least get up and do something for a while, this helps the brain to work better.

5. Write about current events or subjects that are popular or trending at the time.

6. Write about the places that you’ve been and share it with others, including pictures.

7. Write about what’s going on in your life right now.

8. Write about your beliefs and why you believe them.

9. Think of an interesting person that you know or author that wrote books you really liked and interview him or her.

10. Write about history that interests you, but make sure to do your research on the subject.

Hopefully, this will help get you started and also help you think of more ideas!